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A japanese name I found in a mexican magazine, where you could post your latest fancy party-pics (An offline Instagram before it was cool)


The name of a girl from a book with the same name by Michael Ende. She fights time-thieves and is a great listener and my inspiration.

My name is Sonia May-Patlán and I am the face behind Made By Momoko.

I  have been making websites for small businesses for over 7 years and enjoyed every single collaboration. In 2021 I finally left my successful job as software engineer to dive fulltime into building my own little agency. 

My vision is to enable small business owners and entrepreneurs to have a platform where they can proudly present their work. Growing up in a family of small business owners, I know the struggles but also the passion that drive people to do their own thing. 

My expertise as software developer and design thinking expert coupled with the experience of working for a successful startup as well as a large fintech company enable me to give expert work and advice to people who might not have the resources to hire an expensive agency. My goal is not only to create their websites, but also to enable them to be in charge of their online presence to know how they can change and improve it.

I am working out of Edmonton, Canada, but still have roots in Munich, Germany – the city I grew up in. So inquiries both in English and German are very welcome.

When I’m not in front of the computer and working or playing video games, I hike the beautiful rocky mountains or train kickboxing (well, during lockdown it’s more shadowboxing…)

Work With Me!

If you are looking for a reliable and friendly person to build your website, you should check out my offers.

I am always curios to hear from entrepreneurs at any stage in their business journey. If you are not sure what offer works best for you, let’s have a call! You will get a free 20 minute consultation so we can build a fitting roadmap for you.

Hire Me!

From time to time I am also open to do contracting work as front-end developer. Check out my CV and send me a note if you think we can work well as a team.

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