boost your website with
a professional audit

Does your website not show up in the right search results and your few visitors leave the site before buying anything? 

Now imagine your website had the power to attract tons of visitors that convert into paying customers instead – this can become reality with my professional audit that provides a clear roadmap to success just for you.

My personalized website audit gives you clear and actionable feedback that can be implemented immediately to engage converting customers for your business. 

In only 2-3 days you receive a custom video and a PDF with simple steps to optimize your website and increase conversion right away.

If I can't find anything to improve,
your review will be free!

How it works

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1. Submit your website

Tell me a bit about your business and the greatest struggles you face with your website. This will make sure you receive biggest value from the audit results.

After submitting your profile, you receive an email-confirmation right away.

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2. Wait for 2-3 business days

I carefully review your website page by page and run tools to identify the most valuable unique opportunities for improvement.

 Then I prioritize the biggest issues and research solutions. The results are summarized in a screen-recording so you can follow along easily.

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3. Receive the results

Personalized Video

The 20 minute video will focus on clear action items that are easy to implement and have the most impact.

PDF Summary

A bullet point list with all relevant action items from the video including links to relevant materials.


4. Start optimizing!

This step is completely up to you. 

The action items you receive will enable you to implement changes right away on your own.

Or, if you want help, I will give you a quote for implementing the solutions for you. The first 3 hours of work will be free!

Topics I will cover

Depending on the state of the website, I will look into the  following areas and focus on the ones that need the biggest improvement. On sign up you can let me know of particular issues you are struggling with. I will put particular care into that topic.

Your design has a major impact on the first impression for a visitor. It should be free of errors, accessible on all devices and support the visual hierarchy of your content. To achieve this, even small changes can go a long way to make your site look modern and friendly. Let me find these tweaks for you.

How easy is it for your visitors to find exactly with what they are looking for on your website? Is every information just a few clicks away and the content understandable?

I review the tone, page structure and navigation of your website and give you a clear guideline on how to improve your content and structure. This will make it easy for your visitors to become paying customers

SEO still sounds like wizardry to you? No worries! I will break down the elements that are important for your site to make it rank on Google without getting too technical. I take a look at optimizations that can be done on the website itself and measure how often your business is mentioned on the internet to find out if there is room for improvement.
Your page must be safe against unauthorized access and protected against data loss or errors. Security nightmares always happen when you least expect them. Let me help you to be prepared. Another layer of security is the legal aspect of your site. Does it provide a good privacy policy and do you inform your customers well enough about any collected data?
A lot of traffic nowadays reaches a business via Instagram or other social media accounts. It is important to have consistent messaging and information across platforms to target the ideal followers. I take a look at your social media platforms and give recommendations on how you can make your accounts more appealing to potential customers.
If you have a brick & mortar store, Google Maps is incredibly important to provide your customers with basic info about your business. This can decrease customer calls, lead more people to your door and prevent frustration, particularly in times of Covid where opening hours change almost weekly. I review if your information is consistent and how you can improve your listing.

Want to know what a review can look like?

Take a look at these two examples!

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About Me

I have worked as web developer and design thinking expert for marketing teams at a successful startup as well as a large, multimillion tech company. This way I have seen many examples of successful and failed online projects and learned important lessons from the industry.

This experience helps me to be to bring expert knowledge and provide meaningful insight for those who are not able to afford an expensive high end marketing team.

I’ve always been passionate about bringing balance to small businesses and industry giants. That’s why I want to enable you to tap into my knowledge and succeed with your idea!


Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, either per email or per contact form.